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The People of James Barry-Robinson 1933-1977

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 (Rose indicates that this person has reportedly passed away)

  Abbaticchio Fr. Damian Faculty/Staff (TOR)
  Alspaugh Jesse Coach
  Armstrong Randy Faculty/Staff
  Arsenault Fr. Timothy Faculty/Staff
  Atkinson Thomas M. (Mike) Class of 1979
  Baham Rose Robert Class of 1973
  Bailey James Class of 1973
  Balfour Rose Dennis Class of 1963
  Ballweg Daniel 1970's
  Battaglia Paul Class of 1969
  Beamon Rose Larry 1950's
  Beaument Rose Larry 1950's
  Beaument Rose Charlie 1950's
  Beaumet Brian 1950's
  Beham Robert Class of 1973
  Behnke Patrick Class of 1972
  Beilhart Tom Class of 1977
  Bell John 1970's
  Bell Rose Andrew Class of 1977
  Bell Walter Jr Class of 1975
  Belvin Edward 1970's
  Bertrand Rose Fr. Dunegan Faculty/Staff (TOR)
  Blaisdell Mike Class of 1978
  Blaisdell Robert Class of 1971
  Blake Enos Terri Cheerleader
  Blakeney Rick Class of 1973
  Blostic Fr. Leonard Faculty/Staff (TOR)
  Bond Michael 1970's
  Bond Rose Richard Class of 1976
  Bonnewell Gary Class of 1975
  Bonnewell Howie Class of 1973
  Bordeaux John Class of 1971
  Bordeaux Walter Jr Class of 1971
  Boring Michael Class of 1969
  Borton David Class of 1965
  Bowen Roger Class of 1963
  Bowen Rose Joe Class of 1967
  Bowen Rose Leo Class of 1965
  Bowman Gary ??
  Bradshaw Joe Class of 1974
  Brady Andrew Class of 1971
  Brady Maria Faculty/Staff
  Brady Mike Class of 1978
  Brady Rose Fr. Martin Faculty/Staff (TOR)
  Brantley Robert Class of 1977
  Brett Ronald Class of 1975
  Bridgeford Gregory Class of 1972
  Brock John Class of 1972
  Brogan Chuck Class of 1975
  Brooks Doug Class of 1976
  Bullock David Class of 1966
  Bulter Larry ??
  Bulter Paul ??
  Bunting Charles ??
  Burns Charles Class of 1968
  Burns John Class of 1978
  Burton Robert Jr. Class of 1968
  Bush James Class of 1964
  Calleran Stephen Class of 1966
  Cannon John Class of 1962
  Cannon Joseph Class of 1964
  Cannon William Class of 1974
  Canu Fr. Anthony Faculty/Staff (TOR)
  Carlo John Class of 1966
  Carmody Jerry Coach
  Carmody John ??
  Carrico Joey Class of 1978
  Carroll Bernard Class of 1965
  Carroll Jack Rhea Class of 1968
  Cartwright Thomas Class of 1971
  Casey William 1940's
  Cavato Fr. Francis Faculty/Staff (TOR)
  Chambers William Class of 1971
  Chereskin David Class of 1977
  Chereskin Peter Class of 1979
  Childer Thomas Harley ??
  Christian Michael 1970's
  Christian Ronald 1940's
  Cioccia Rose Mark Class of 1976
  Cistola Daniel Class of 1976
  Cistola Edward Class of 1977
  Clark Kenny Class of 1964
  Clark Roger Class of 1973
  Clementi Mike Class of 1967
  Coates Lee III Class of 1975
  Cogliandro Santo ??
  Coleman Betty Faculty/Staff
  Coleman Billy Class of 1978
  Combs Gordon Class of 1961
  Combs Rose Latina Jr. Class of 1960
  Conner Kenneth G. Class of 1950
  Cooke John Class of 1975
  Cooke Tom Class of 1978
  Cooley Mark Class of 1978
  Cooney Patrick Class of 1971
  Cornetta Peter ??
  Costello Thomas Class of 1966
  Cox Doug Class of 1974
  Cox George ??
  Cox John Class of 1976
  Cox Rose Michael Class of 1965
  Cravedi Ronald 1950's
  Creo Dennis 1970's
  Crofton Bobby ??
  Crosswhite Ann Cheerleader
  Culpeper Joanne Lewis Cheerleader
  Cunningham Fr. Vianney Faculty/Staff (TOR)
  Davenport Dave Class of 1969
  DeJesus Joyce Faculty/Staff
  Debes Rose Fr. Dunstan Faculty/Staff (OSB)
  Decker Billy Class of 1967
  Decker Edward Class of 1968
  Dee John 1970's
  Dixon Jody 1940's
  Dombrowski Daniel Class of 1971
  Dombrowski Mark ??
  Dougherty Rose Terrance Class of 1974
  Dowdy Daniel Class of 1958
  Dowdy Ralph Class of 1957
  Doyle Charles 1930s
  Doyle Rose David 1930's
  Doyle Rose George 1930's
  Doyle Rose Jimmy Coach
  Driscoll John Class of 1977
  Duegan Fr. Betrand Faculty/Staff
  Dunga Rose Felix Class of 1966
  Dunn Rose James Class of 1962
  Dunn Rose Patrick Class of 1972
  Dunn Rose Smiley Faculty/Staff
  Duvall Timothy Class of 1971
  Eberz Rose Fr. Ambrose Faculty/Staff (OSB)
  Elliot Dallas Faculty/Staff
  Enos Frederick Class of 1973
  Evans Rose Herbert Ray Class of 1971
  Evans John Class of 1960
  Evans Rose Preston Class of 1960
  Evans Tommy ??
  Ewell Frederick Jr. Class of 1971
  Farrell Mike Class of 1955
  Fearson Rose Michael Class of 1965
  Fitzpatrick Joseph Coach
  Fitzpatrick Michael Faculty/Staff
  Flaherty Patrick ??
  Flanigan Dave Class of 1965
  Flanigan Susan Slagle Cheerleader
  Flynn Robert W. Class of 1975
  Flynn Scott Class of 1976
  Foley Michael Class of 1978
  Foley Tim Class of 1975
  Forbes Michael Class of 1974
  Forbes Tim Class of 1978
  Forrest Richard ??
  Fricker Ken Class of 1963
  Funk Mike Class of 1968
  Furtner Charles 1940's
  Galvin John ??
  Gambardella Rose Herbert Class of 1968
  Gantley Rose Tim Class of 1977
  Garman Stue Class of 1950
  Garrison L. H. III ??
  Garrison Mrs. Lee Librarian
  Gaudreau Charles Class of 1973
  Ghosn Sami Class of 1977
  Gibbs Thomas Class of 1967
  Gies Fred Class of 1970
  Gilpin Ray Class of 1976
  Glanville Holly Faculty/Staff
  Glendon (Funk) Rose David Class of 1969
  Glendon Michael ??
  Goldsher David Class of 1969
  Gray Frank Class of 1978
  Grimes Thomas Class of 1974
  Grotzinger Rose Fr. Alfred Faculty/Staff (OSB)
  Hackett Edward Class of 1972
  Hahne Robert Class of 1964
  Haj Anna Cheerleader
  Halme Rose Walter Dean Class of 1965
  Hammerstrand John 1950s
  Hammond Elbert L Class of 1956
  Haney Bill Class of 1964
  Hanley Mike ??
  Hanson Ernest ??
  Harrigan Frank Class of 1954
  Harris Norris ??
  Harrison Cindy Witcher Cheerleader
  Hart Ricky Class of 1977
  Hartsell Rose Lawrence Class of 1964
  Hartsell Richard Class of 1977
  Hasso Fr. Bede Faculty/Staff (OSB)
  Hazlett Rose Bro. Simon Dorm Prefect/TOR
  Hedgepath E.L. 1950's
  Hedgepath George 1950's
  Hedgepath Gilbert 1950's
  Hedgepath Gordon 1950's
  Hedgepath Hugh 1950's
  Hedgepath Joseph 1950's
  Hedgepath Roger 1950's
  Hellman John Class of 1975
  Henderson Bill 1940's
  Henley George 1940's
  Henslee Terry Class of 1965
  Hernandez Michael Class of 1971
  Hetterich Chris Class of 1978
  Hickerson Rose Charlie 1950's
  Hickerson Henry Class of 1969
  Hickerson James Class of 1956
  Hillegass Mike 1940's
  Hockert Frederick Jr. Class of 1965
  Hodges Bill Class of 1977
  Hodges Jimmie Class of 1971
  Hodges John T 1950's
  Hodges Mike Class of 1973
  Hollingsworth Lawrence III Class of 1968
  Holmes Willie 1970's
  Holt Billy ??
  Howell Dennis Class of 1975
  Huck James Class of 1978
  Huck Jim 1950's
  Huck Kelly Class of 1978
  Hughes Pepe Class of 1978
  Hulcher Michael Class of 1967
  Hurd Joseph Class of 1977
  Ingram Gino Class of 1978
  Irwin Rose Charles 1930's
  Jackson James Class of 1971
  Jarrett Charles Class of 1966
  Jeter Bruce Class of 1977
  John Nabbie Class of 1970
  John Paul Class of 1967
  Johnson Darryl Class of 1965
  Johnson Rose Jerome Bin 1950's
  Johnson Keith ??
  Jordan Debbie Todd Cheerleader
  Kampfmueller Todd Class of 1978
  Kane Pat Class of 1978
  Kasenchak William Class of 1977
  Kavenaugh Kevin Class of 1978
  Kavanaugh Patrick Class of 1975
  Kearns Matthew Class of 1977
  Keiling Bill Class of 1970
  Kelly Charles Jr. Class of 1971
  Kelly Mike Class of 1970
  Kight David Class of 1976
  King Arthur Coach/Faculty/Staff
  King Billy Class of 1970
  King Robin Llewellyn Cheerleader
  Kingsbury Stephen Class of 1966
  Kipper Brenda Secretary
  Kipper Heywood 1950's
  Kleine Kurtis Class of 1968
  Kneip Fr. Paschaul Faculty/Staff (TOR)
  Knoop John Class of 1966
  Kollar Rose Fr. Edmund Faculty/Staff (MM)
  Koonce Calvin Class of 1965
  Koonce John Class of 1968
  Korindes Rose Fr. Marcian Faculty/Staff (OSB)
  Kristofak Bobby Class of 1975
  Lacey Vincent Class of 1975
  LaGiglia Mike ??
  Larzelere Rose Charles Class of 1977
  Leahey Donald ??
  LeMay Michael H Class of 1967
  Levine Maury Class of 1974
  Levine Stuart Class of 1975
  Lilley William Class of 1966
  Lindstrom David ??
  Lindstrom Harry Jr. Class of 1968
  Lippincott Rose Francis 1950's
  Lippincott Paul Class of 1966
  L'Italien John ??
  Llewellyn Hank Class of 1974
  Lombard Rose Jim Class of 1963
  Lotz Peter Sr. ??
  Lotz Peter III ??
  Lucente James Class of 1973
  Lucente Rose Thomas Class of 1976
  Lux Rose Fr. Urban Faculty/Staff (OSB)
  Mackey Richard Class of 1973
  Maddox Curtis Class of 1968
  Maddox Rose Eugene Class of 1970
  Mahone Mark Class of 1977
  Maiers Rose Michael Class of 1965
  Mainardi Fr. Donald Faculty/Staff (TOR)
  Mainzer George Jr. Class of 1969
  Malbon Billy Class of 1969
  Malbon Michael Class of 1971
  Malik Joe Class of 1965
  Maltby Dave Class of 1965
  Mamrot James Class of 1976
  Mani Rose Jack Coach
  Marois Richard ??
  Martin John 1940's
  Martin Robert 1940's
  Marunich Mike Class of 1978
  Mathews Greg Class of 1978
  Matthews Mike Class of 1978
  Maume David Class of 1974
  McAndrew Thomas Faculty/Staff/Coach
  McAndrews Patrick Class of 1973
  McAndrews Michael Class of 1972
  McAndrews Terrance Class of 1974
  McCabe Robert Class of 1976
  McCauley Brian Class of 1978
  McGowan Eddie Class of 1972
  McGowan John Class of 1970
  McGowan Linda Messer Cheerleader
  McGowan Mike Class of 1976
  McGrath Kent Class of 1977
  McKenzie Keith Class of 1977
  Meixel Walter Jr 1940's
  Meyer Robert Class of 1977
  Midili Rose Fr. Bonaventure Faculty/Staff (TOR)
  Mitchell Steven Class of 1970
  Mitchum Anthony Class of 1972
  Moison William Class of 1966
  Molloy Richard Class of 1977
  Moors Sandy Faculty/Staff
  Morlino Louis Jr. Class of 1969
  Morris Brian Class of 1968
  Morris Mike Class of 1969
  Mullen Andy Faculty/Staff
  Murphy Brian Faculty/Staff
  Murphy Jim Class of 1964
  Murphy Rose Patrick Class of 1966
  Nardoianni Jina ??
  Neetz Rose Bro. Christian Faculty/Staff (TOR)
  Newbold Donald Class of 1976
  Nickerson Jay Class of 1977
  Nolan Michael Class of 1977
  Nuttycombe Mark Class of 1970
  Ober Rose Fr. Anselm Faculty/Staff (OSB)
  O'Brien Dave Class of 1966
  O'Leary Leslie Cheerleader
  Ormsby William Class of 1967
  Owaey Sybil Craver Cheerleader
  Owens Ann Cheerleader
  Parr Rose George W. Jr. Coach
  Parson John Class of 1972
  Patak Bill 1950's
  Patak Rose Donald 1950's
  Patak John 1950's
  Pawloski Bro. Anthony Faculty/Staff (TOR)
  Pearson Harry 1940's
  Pearson Rose Peter Class of 1964
  Peele Randy Class of 1975
  Peltier Michael Class of 1968
  Petrusky Rose George Class of 1964
  Phillips Fr. Ambrose Faculty/Staff (TOR)
  Pinkos Sonny Jr. Class of 1968
  Pope Rose Nick Class of 1966
  Pope Rose Randy Class of 1967
  Porter Jim Class of 1963
  Price Brenda Faculty/Staff
  Price Michael Class of 1963
  Prinz Rose Arthur J. 1970s
  Pulido Phil 1950s
  Query Donald Class of 1955
  Query Lyons Jr. Class of 1977
  Query Rose Lyons Sr. 1940's
  Rau Michael Class of 1976
  Reckling Gene Class of 1960
  Remillard Ray Class of 1975
  Resko Fr. Blane Faculty/Staff (OSB)
  Richard Artice Class of 1970
  Richards Bill 1950's
  Richards Lemmuel ??
  Riendeau Jerry ??
  Riggs Joseph Class of 1971
  Riley James Class of 1972
  Ritter John Class of 1973
  Romano Michael ??
  Rosenfield Rose William 1950's
  Rossi Nicholas 1950's
  Rossi Thomas Class of 1965
  Rowland Jay Class of 1975
  Reutt Niels Class of 1977
  St. Claire Robert III Class of 1974
  Sancillo Lawrence Class of 1973
  Sanford Brad Class of 1969
  Sanford Larry Class of 1970
  Sanyour Donald 1940's
  Schinelli Fr. Giles Faculty/Staff (TOR)
  Schumack Paul 1940's
  Schwalenberg Rose Dutch Coach
  Scribbins Kenneth Class of 1964
  Sessum Rose Ben Jr. Class of 1968
  Sheganoski Fr. Fabian Faculty/Staff (TOR)
  Simmons Wally 1950's
  Simpson Charles L. Jr. Class of 1966
  Singletary Rose William Jr. Class of 1967
  Slater Nelson Class of 1970
  Smith Gayle Keller Cheerleader
  Smith Mary Ann Faculty/Staff
  Smock Keith Class of 1976
  Smock Mark Class of 1978
  Spence Brandon Class of 1974
  Spence Keith Class of 1972
  Spruill Rae Cheerleader
  Spruill Richard ??
  Spruill Roger Jr Class of 1969
  Stant Peter Class of 1965
  Stant Rose Tyler Class of 19??
  Stelly Gregory Class of 1977
  Stelly Wayne Class of 1976
  Steele Rose Nelson Jr. Class of 1965
  Steele Frank Class of 1969
  Stokes Ronnie Class of 1973
  Summs Fred III Class of 1968
  Sweeney Rose Jim Coach
  Taggert Rose Dan Class of 1970
  Takach Fr. Bristan Faculty/Staff (OSB)
  Temm Johnny Class of 1974
  Tierney David Class of 1976
  Tittler Fr. Leo Faculty/Staff (OSB)
  Todd Debbie Jordan Cheerleader
  Ustick Thomas ??
  Vasko Fr. Peter Faculty/Staff (OFM)
  Valente Jose Class of 1976
  Vaughan Cathy Cheerleader
  Vaughan Joseph "Bubba" Class of 1972
  Vaughan Mike Class of 1975
  Verner Roy Class of 1977
  Vesprille Eddie Coach
  Vigneault Craig Class of 1976
  Voigtsberger Kurt ??
  Wade Michael Class of 1971
  Walker Willie Class of 1969
  Walker Fr. Benjamin Faculty/Staff (OSB)
  Walters Jeffery Class of 1977
  Walters Richard Class of 1965
  Walters Tim Class of 1976
  Waltz Janie Faculty/Staff
  Walker Fr. Benjamin Faculty/Staff (OSB)
  Ward Carroll Class of 1975
  Ward John Class of 1965
  Warner Paul Class of 1977
  Warren Carolyn McClenny Cheerleader
  Warren Harold Class of 1957
  Weaver Lisa Bolin Cheerleader
  Weaver Rose Mark Class of 1971
  Webb Rose Leslie Class of 1965
  Wendell Rose Fr. Stevens Faculty/Staff (OSB)
  Wickenhofer Mary McLemore Cheerleader
  Whitley John Class of 1976
  Williams David Class of 1978
  Williams Doris Bookeeper 1974-77
  Williams Stephen Class of 1974
  Willis Jan Faculty/Staff
  Wilkins Damon Class of 1976
  Wilson Dave Class of 1966
  Wingfield Jim 1940's
  Winfield Brian Class of 1967
  Wiseman Jimmy ??
  Wondergem Kenneth Coach
  Woods Weldon Class of 1970
  Worrall Paul Class of 1977
  Wright Rose Clarence Class of 1962
  Wright David 1970's
  Wright Rose Edward Class of 1975
  Wright John ??
  Wright Rose Richard Class of 1966
  Wyss Rose Michael Class of 1977
  Zach Billy ??
  Zang Rose Fr. Desles Faculty/Staff (OSB)
  Zawacky Rose Leo Class of 1967
  Zeck Rose Fr. Constantine Faculty/Staff (OSB)
  Zoby John Class of 1972
  Zoby Rose Michael Class of 1965
  Zoller Guy Class of 1969